Bottom Line Marketing

bottom line marketing wordpress website
“Nothing boring ever turned into dollars!” With such a bold tagline, Bottom Line Marketing was in need of a website that got users attention right off the bat. Given creative freedom, I designed and developed this custom WordPress website using HTML5 video backgrounds, parallax effects and large, eye-catching imagery. Working with a team as forward-thinking and open-minded as this isn’t an opportunity that comes around everyday and this project was truly a blast to be part of.

Bottom Line Marketing, being a full-service marketing agency, prefers to partner with long-term clients rather than one-off projects. With that state of mind, they have built many strong relationships over the years and needed to convey this fundamental to potential future clients. Structuring their portfolio in a case-studies format rather than on a per-project basis, Bottom Line was able to showcase the amazing partnerships they’ve built. The case studies, including everything from print ads to websites, TV commercials, radio spots, testimonials and more, were the perfect solution to attract clients who want a full-service advertising company managing the entire scope of marketing for their company.

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bottom line marketing wordpress website
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