Pleased to Meet You

My advisor at Northern Michigan University, Shravan Rajagopal, had an incredible way of assigning both structured and open-ended projects simultaneously. When he assigned us a project on The Paul Thek Questionnaire during my final semester at NMU, I was more than excited to put my own spin on things. After choosing a group of candidates, I polled these lucky folks and conveyed their answers in a style of my choosing. I have always had a passion for videography, so a short film was the first medium that came to mind. Although I could have created digital titles quite easily for my film, I knew this wouldn’t cut it. Creating custom typographic layouts for each candidate’s answer and then printing these designs on transparency, I created a tactile approach to a process that normally is completely digitized. By filming through these suspended transparencies with “fast”, low-aperture lenses, I was able to create focus and pan effects that simply aren’t possible with digital software.