Schnack’s Fine Jewelry

schnacks jewelry wordpress website
Schnack’s Fine Jewelry of Alexandria, Louisiana is one of the oldest jewelers in the country and their previous website wasn’t much younger! Wanting to join the rest of the 21st century, Bottom Line Marketing and I designed and developed a responsive WordPress website for them with one goal in mind: to stand out against the rest of the jewelry industry. While many other jewelers prefer third-party templates for their websites, Bottom Line was instead given creative freedom to design an entirely custom website from scratch.

Using ample white space and Schnack’s signature series jewelry, we gave the website room to breath while still showcasing their unique piece and allowing users to navigate the site with ease. Schnack’s identity, utilizing dark greens, browns and tans, lent itself to a high-end look that meshed seamlessly with their storefront itself. Being an official Rolex dealer, we were able to integrate Rolex’s required retailer graphics into the header and home page of the site, along with an assortment of pieces from many other brands such as Costa Sunglasses, Michael Kors, Luminox and more.

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Project facilitated by Bottom Line Marketing
schnacks jewelry wordpress website
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