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The honest truth is that some clients just aren’t a perfect match for every marketing agency. And other times, they’re a match made in heaven! Thacker Jewelry is (obviously) the latter of the two and working with their team has been an absolute pleasure. Bottom Line Marketing, being a full-service marketing agency, teamed up with Thacker Jewelry in 2014 and we hit the ground running. From website and SEO management to digital, print and social graphics and everything in between, Bottom Line’s partnership with them has been nothing short of amazing.

Being the primary designer on the account, I was able to quickly get a feel for the identity that Thacker always wanted but could never quite convey in years past. Ann Thacker, co-owner of the business, let us know right from the start what her exact vision was: earthy, detail-oriented and a one-of-a-kind southern-vintage style. Offering everything from Texas Tech collegiate jewelry to Native American turquoises to Gabriel & Co. engagement rings, Thacker Jewelry truly has something for everyone and the personable, caring staff to build a loyal, life-long customer base.

Project facilitated by Bottom Line Marketing
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thacker jewelry wordpress website